Monday, January 30, 2017

Governor’s Cup Regional Topic
JR FPS-December Topic
Suggested Readings
Bruick, H. (2016, February 16). Researchers have 3D-Printed usable human bones and muscles.
Clark, J. (2016, April 1). This company does 3D printing at a speed no one else can match.
Gruenwald, S. (2016, February 22). According to futurists, we will be 3D printing underwater cities, house-moving drones, and even our meals within 100 years.
Hirschler, B. (2014, December 16). 3D printing points way to smarter cancer treatment. Scientific American.
Jones, S. (2015, December 30). When disaster strikes, it’s time to fly in 3D printers. The Guardian.
Kessler, A. (2015, January 15). A 3D printed car, ready for the road. The New York Times. http://
Noyes, K. (2016, April 11). With this new 3D printing technique, robots can “practically walk right of the printer.” Digital Arts.
Price, E. (2016, January 27). Why wear a prosthetic when you can become a superhero instead? The Guardian.
Scott, C. (2016, February 22). Authorities arrest man smuggling weapons into Mexico, including assault rifle modified with 3D printed part.
Weintraub, K. (2015, January 26). Off the 3D printer, practice parts for the surgeon. The New York Times.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snow Day 1/5/17

Because this snow day is scheduled to be made up in Feb. we are able to take today off and enjoy the snow day. Reading assignment for today gets pushed back to tomorrow. Happy snow day,